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Locomotive Control

Realistic model railroad operations require accurate locomotive and train operations. Our locomotive controllers makes this easy to setup and operate and is available for G and O scale locomotives.

The locomotive controllers utilize an RF link for control commands and feedback. Power can be obtained from batteries, DC rails, DCC rails, or AC rails. Two levels of realism are available, Basic Level Control, and Advanced Level Control.

Advanced Level Control requires the addition of a shaft sensor on the locomotive and provides the most realistic operation possible. Scaled Automation can install the shaft sensor for additional charge.

Both levels utilize accurate train dynamic modeling, yielding very accurate scale performance based on locomotive power, train length and loading, and incline/decline steepness. Both engine motive force and braking force are accurately modeled. Cab control is provided using a realistic locomotive representation on a touch-pad style device (not included). Sound boards are controlled accurately based on throttle setting, not speed of the locomotive.

Currently Diesel-Electric locomotives are modeled. Future developments will include steam locomotives.